Good overall reputation has become the premier competitive advantage.

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The vast majority of the value of companies today is in their reputational goodwill. The risk of losing this value is now acknowledged as the “risk of all risks”.

And yet, while a solid and sustainable reputation is today’s foremost competitive advantage, most boards struggle with putting in place reliable processes to identify, assess and proactively manage reputation risk.

Easy access to information through the internet and instantaneous dissemination of opinions through social media have significantly amplified the opportunities and risks associated with reputation. Most boards seem to live in the…

Strategic thinking in thick fog requires a different focus

Photo by Pille-Riin Priske on Unsplash

While we are in the Covid-19 lockdown, opinion pieces around the world are full of speculation about what the future in the short medium and long term is holding for the economy and the various sectors of industry. People, especially those like CEOs, who have to make far reaching decisions in this environment are desperate to understand what is going on, what comes next and what the world will look like ‘whenever this is over’.

Those who have to make such decisions publicly, like the US Federal Reserve or the IMF…

Dominik Heil

Dominik Heil PhD is a Senior Lecturer at Wits Business School, a Programme Director at Cranfield School of Management and a Partner at Hewers Communicatins

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